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Dr. Pinkhasov & Lev Yakubov have been caring for my father with Dementia for nearly a decade. Their caring, compassionate, and consummate care has eliminated emergency room visits that are often the case with elderly patients.

Aside from regularly scheduled monthly visits to our home, we have access to them and their team 24/7. They provide the certainty and the timeliness that are such a comfort to both my Dad and our family.

In addition, their competent staff are able to coordinate multiple practitioners and sonograms, x-rays, and other diagnostic testing without ever leaving our home. As well as, therapeutic IV therapy to supplement my father’s drug regime to maintain optimum health.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly— my father has a trusted friend & advisor that he
can talk to and feels heard by. As a caregiver, I couldn’t give my father the kind of quality
of life that he deserves without Dr. Pinkhasov & Lev Yakubov.

William, Client

First off, I am a healthcare practitioner myself. I hadn’t been feeling well for a while, but I wasn’t really sure why.

I had a really great experience with Lev at Medical Care For You, P.C. He came right to the house to evaluate me and prescribed a customized IV treatment.

He explained in great detail about the procedure and exactly what was in the formulation that I was receiving.

There was no problem getting the IV in, and I was able to rest comfortably in bed while it infused. Lev kept close watch to make sure everything went perfectly.

His bedside manner was very pleasant, informative and comforting. I would recommend

Lev and his service to anyone who needs it.


I am writing this review on behalf my father Joesph, who is 79 years old.

Dad was feeling out of sorts and we were doing everything we could to keep him out of the hospital because of the current situation with Covid-19.

We were running out of options, it was clear that he needed further in-office diagnostics, a chest x-ray among other things.

Lev paid my dad a visit at his home, developed a rapport with him instantly, and coordinated all of the diagnostic testing from the comfort of dad’s bedside, including

My dad never felt rushed, and all of his cares & concerns where addressed by Lev. He spoke my dad’s “language” and really got my dad motivated to participate in his own care. I couldn’t be happier.

I am a busy professional, mom and primary caretaker of my parents. Lev worked around my hectic schedule (I usually don’t get home from work until 10:30 at night) and that in itself has made such a difference.

In addition, his service has coordinated all of the practitioners that my father needs, so that we can spend more quality time with my dad. Expertise, diligence, and caring is what you can expect from Medical Care For You, P.C.

Lisa, Client

We had a real scare this past summer. My husband came down with Covid-19, and frankly after everything we had heard— we were afraid to go to the hospital.

Lev was on top of things, from the moment we called him. My husband received expert care, and I got the reassurance I needed. It was clearly the right choice for our family.

Not only, was he up-to-date on all the treatment protocols— he was in communication with us 24/7, which was exactly what we needed at the time.

My husband is fully recovered, and we are grateful for the expertise and caring service of Lev from Medical Care For You, P.C.

Yana, Client


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