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Pushed your boundaries to the max living on the razor’s edge? This formulation is designed to supercharge recovery and maximize your wellness in no time.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up after a party, looking to combat the effects of travel, or just want to be the best version of you— our Detox/Recovery Boost is for you. A blend of highly absorbable forms of Vitamin C in a saline solution, in combination with a Glutathione injection is proven to get you back on track fast.

What’s Inside?

Patients receive intravenous Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex mixed in 500ml or 1000ml of IV Normal Saline. At the end of the IV session, the patient will also receive Glutathione injection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s All The Hype About Glutathione?
High glutathione levels directly correspond to overall health and function for every system in your body. Your cells make glutathione, but usually not enough to deal with the high levels of free radicals (from environmental toxins, alcohol, stress and more) we encounter daily.
How Does Glutathione Help With Hangovers?
Alcohol consumption not only reduces glutathione levels in the liver, it causes oxidative stress. Glutathione can help you recover from a punishing hangover by adding extra detoxifying power so you can cleanse and renew your system.

Glutathione can also reduce hangover symptoms by working to lower acetaldehyde toxicity, which is the root cause of some of the worst morning-after effects of drinking.

How Does Alcohol Affect Naturally Occurring Glutathione Levels In The Body?
Studies have found that persistent alcohol abuse results in lower glutathione levels and compromises your body’s ability to replenish glutathione.

Even moderate drinking diminishes glutathione levels in the body, because glutathione stores in the liver are depleted by the process of metabolizing alcohol and clearing out the alcohol metabolites.

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