Covid-19 PCR Testing In Staten Island

How To Book A Covid-19 PCR Testing In Staten Island?

The total cases of covid 19 in America are getting close to eight crores. We have lost many lives, and unfortunately, the number of covid deaths is nearing one million. CDC and WHO keep posting bulletins of the changes across the world. The virus constantly changes, and the virologists and immunologists keep an eye on the variants of the Sars-Cov-2. Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island is here to detect the virus early so that the people get proper treatment at the right time. Early detection also stops the further spread of the virus. Medical Care For You PC is emerging medical care providing home-based care for patients in and around New York. They have brought at-home sample collection for Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island with a more sensible foresight.

If you arrived here with the query ‘Can I find an at-home covid 19 PCR testing for travel near me?’ you have come to the proper place. The people of Staten Island can get the PCR testing from the comforts of their homes. Medical Care For You PC has good experience treating bedridden patients and homebound people; they have well-trained professionals who treat people at home. Many people work from home and rarely get time to visit a hospital or a drive-thru testing center. The government says it’s mandatory to undergo pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing. So, we bring it to your doorsteps and make the entire procedure easy for you.

But before you contact us, you should know a lot of basic things about Covid 19 testing. Here we try to provide all essential information like how long for PCR covid test results, how is covid 19 PCR testing done and how accurate is covid-19 PCR testing. This information also helps you give up the fear and misunderstanding around covid tests available in the market. Medical Care For You PC strictly follows the guidelines of the CDC and WHO. We are open all time, and you can trust us. If you are looking for drive-thru testing near me, we advise you to reconsider your decision. Instead of traveling to a nearby center, it’s effortless to call us and sit on your sofa and watch the movie. Our team will collect the samples at the comfort of your domicile and send you the results as quickly as possible. Keep scrolling to know how to book a covid test in New York.

How To Book Covid-19 PCR Testing In Staten Island?

It’s a simple process. It’s good to go for a PCR test when you are exposed to the virus or have symptoms that don’t subside after medical care. Even if you require a rapid antigen or serum antibody test, you can contact us. Don’t worry about how accurate is covid-19 PCR testing; it’s a reliable test though it takes some time. Just feel free to contact us.

  • Call Us: Dial the number 347-277-4001 and talk to our staff. The staff will guide you to the right specialists or physicians. If your symptoms need immediate medical care, they make the necessary arrangements. If you need pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing, the staff will guide you about the procedure.
  • Book An Appointment: Staff, the team, and you can finalize the time and place of testing. Send your address, landmark, and contact details.
Covid-19 PCR Testing In Staten Island

You can choose the time slot you are more comfortable with. If you are a working person and need a test before travel, you can even get the test near or at your office.

  • Stay Home: Once you fix the appointment, stay wherever you are and wait for the medical team to arrive. People with symptoms should stay home until the results come. Consult our team if you have any doubts or feel apprehensive about the results. PCR test results take time. Wait for another 48-72 hours.
  • Results: Once the lab technician gets the results, the staff contacts you through the phone, mail, or message. Our team will arrive once again to collect samples. If you get positive in a rapid test, it’s mandatory to go for a CDC covid 19 PCR testing. If covid is confirmed, you can consult our doctors for further treatment.

We hope you understand the process. It is pretty straightforward. There is no need to stand at registration counters or wait for a covid test in long queues. You can have all the tests done in the comforts of your home. The cost is minimal, and insurance companies cover it. So, please call us anytime as we are open all night and day waiting to hear your plea.

Covid Testing Myths:

Are you someone who asks, ‘Are there any covid 19 PCR testing for travel near me?’ Before going to a drive-thru testing, just hear us. We offer at-home sample collection for covid PCR testing. So, there is no need to register and wait in long queues. You have to book an appointment and carry on with your work at home, while our team will come to the place where you reside to collect the samples. Moreover, we provide covid-19 PCR testing for emirates passengers also. It’s a myth that drive-thru testing is the safest and more accessible option.
The covid 19 PCR testing false negative rates are very low and more accurate and reliable. But if the samples are not collected properly, the results can be wrong. So, we recommend you to go to quality medical professionals. If you are someone who asks, ‘Is there any same day results covid 19 PCR testing near me,’ you are at a greater risk of falling for scams. Many people don’t even know the difference between a rapid and a PCR test. Please check out our website to understand how is covid 19 PCR testing done to get a better understanding. Prior knowledge will save you from panic and scams.
Don’t encourage people who ask, ‘Are there any free covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ The RT-PCR tests are a complex process done at the lab. It takes time, machine, and workforce to complete the test, so a quality test cannot come free of cost. If someone provides you without getting money, beware that it can be a rapid test or another scam to earn money.

Easy Ways For Covid-19 PCR Testing In Staten Island:

Before 2019, we didn’t know what covid was. Now we are compelled to live with it. We need to identify the virus as early as possible, isolate the infected and provide treatment for them. Parallelly, we need immunizations that can prevent future infections. Experts are researching improving tests, providing better treatment, and stronger immunity. Now, there are three types of PCR testing centers in Staten Island.

  • In-store Covid-19 PCR Testing Service: The health department has express covid 19 testing sites. You can also pre-register here and go at the stipulated time. It’s more like the in-store covid-19 PCR testing services. We have already seen the UK running it successfully. Walgreens covid 19 PCR testing is the best example of it.
At-home covid 19 PCR Testing For Travel
You can visit a nearby hospital or clinic to test for Covid. The other one that provides covid testing in the UK is the covid 19 PCR testing Boots. Some places offer covid testing in the US, and you can visit your nearest site. But here, you must visit the testing center so that the medical team can collect your samples. The disadvantage is that when you move amidst the crowd, you may spread the virus or get infected if you aren’t already.

  • Drive-thru PCR Testing Service: It is very much useful as the patient need not get down and wait in queues. The patient comfortably sits in the passenger seat while the medical professional takes the samples. Many people in the US look for ‘Are there any drive-thru testing near me?’ It’s pretty easy if you have a vehicle with you. But again, it’s not a safer option during a pandemic. The weather has to support you; the traffic can be allergic, traveling with symptoms is not good. There are a lot of issues if you don’t have a vehicle or a person to drive the car. Though interaction with the crowd is less, we cannot wholly avoid close interaction with random people, so you are still at the risk of spreading the virus and getting it from others.
  • At-home PCR Testing Service: The disadvantages of both the above services are crowd, traveling, and waiting time. At-home sample collection solves these problems. Here you call and book an appointment first. The medical team arrives fully covered, gets samples from you, and hands over the samples at the testing center. You will get the results through message or mail. It’s beneficial for kids, bedridden patients, homebound people, and lonely people. You need not depend on anyone or worry about traveling to the testing place. Just dial us and sit at the comforts of your home. There is no worry about meeting the crowd, finding a vehicle or a companion to travel, etc. Medical Care For You PC makes things very simple for you. Just dial 347-277-4001 to know what services they provide.

Medical Care For You PC provides at-home sample collection for covid 19 PCR testing all over New York. Like every borough in New York, Staten Island is at risk of Covid. When the covid bug attacks, it’s good to stay wherever you are and call us to book covid-19 PCR Testing in Staten Island. Remember the number you have to dial: 347-277-4001.

What Symptoms Call For A Covid-19 testing?

It takes two to fourteen days for the Covid 19 symptoms to appear. The virus is new, and experts are still exploring it. Researches watch and record the new symptoms reported by patients. People with comorbidities and with previous problems in the lungs are riskier. So, people with chronic illness and immunity disorders should be cautious. If possible, take your vaccinations on time, eat an immunity-boosting diet, wear a mask when you go out and avoid unnecessary travel. Different variants have different sets of symptoms. Here we give you some of the common symptoms seen all over the world:

  • Fever Or Chills
  • Cough
When Do You Need Covid 19 PCR Testing
  • Stuffy Nose Or Running Nose
  • Fatigue
  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Taste And Smell Loss
  • Muscle And Body Aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • Eye infection
  • Chest Pain
  • Breathing Trouble
  • Speech Loss
  • Mobility Problems
  • Confused Thoughts
  • Chest Pain

The problem is ordinary flu, and viral fevers also have similar symptoms. A few or a combination of these symptoms indicate coronavirus. If the symptoms persist for more than five days, even after you take medicines, immediately consult a doctor or book a Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island by dialing the number 347-277-4001. Yes, we understand your nervousness, and we hear you ask how long for PCR Covid test results. It takes more than twenty-four hours and less than three days for the results to arrive. The PCR covid test accuracy rates are high, so you need not worry about false negatives. Stay in touch with a doctor even if the results arrive a little late.

What Is The Difference Between The Types Of Tests Available For COVID-19?

When people ask, ‘Is there any covid 19 testing near me?’ they rarely know about the different types of tests available. Medical Care For You PC currently offers three tests, one antibody test, and two viral diagnostic tests. Each has a feature that makes it the best in different situations. Here our experts try to share with you what these tests are, how they differ from each other, and their uses.

  • Rapid Antigen Test: As its name suggests, it gives quick results. PCR ranks high on accuracy as it is more sensitive to even a few viruses present in the body. At the same time, the antigen test fails to detect the Sars-Cov-2 when the viral load is low, especially in the initial days of the infection. When the test misses the disease initially, it can quickly spread and affect the patient later. Our expert panel recommends doing an antigen test five days apart to avoid this situation. If both results come negative, then the concerned person is covid negative. If you follow these steps, you are safe from false negatives. Apart from all these hiccups, antigen tests are beneficial when people are exposed to the virus often. It is even more necessary if they are celebrities or sportspeople who interact with the public frequently; front-line workers and business people. Here, antigen tests give quick results and can help check whether they contracted the virus or not.e
  • Molecular Test: The RT-PCR test is a laboratory test; it needs a lot of processing, and so it is more accurate than an antigen test. On the other hand, even rapid covid-19 PCR testing takes time to provide results. Before knowing about what is RT-PCR test, let’s look at the RT-PCR covid test full form as it can give a better idea about the process. The reverse transcription-Polymerase chain reaction is a laboratory method to make copies of the virus’s genetic sequence. An enzyme named reverse transcriptase converts the RNA into a similar copy of DNA. The enzyme DNA polymerase helps multiply the DNA sequence into large numbers. These copies help us find if the mRNA of a particular virus, Sars-Cov-2, is present in the sample. The process is a chain reaction, and it’s repeated until the presence or absence of the virus is ascertained. It’s a time-consuming process and is more accurate if the technician follows all the procedures correctly.
  • Serum Antibody Test: A serology test helps determine if the person had the covid virus earlier. The antibody doesn’t diagnose the presence of the illness; it says if the person’s immune system has already responded to the virus. Serum antibody test helps to calculate the herd immunity among the general populace. It also comes in handy to choose plasma donors for the treatment of covid patients. The Serology blood test also helps to know how long the antibodies remain active in the body after vaccination or a covid infection. Researchers say after nine months, the antibodies slowly start to decline, and therefore, a booster dose is necessary after nine months. Of all the serum tests available, IgG is the best as its more reliable and accurate.

You may have understood the significance of each test and when to use them. Remember that if you are covid positive in a rapid test, you must go for a CDC covid 19 PCR testing. It is to avoid the consequences of a false-positive test. The specificity of covid 19 PCR testing is close to 100%, so it is more reliable and accurate—Book now our Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island by dialing the number 347-277-4001. Medical Care For You PC is open 24/7, and you can call us whenever you want to. We provide same-day appointments and prompt service.

What Kind Of Sample Is Used To Test For COVID-19?

The lab technician needs upper respiratory specimens for covid-19 diagnostic testing, whereas your blood sample is enough for an antibody test. For diagnostic tests, often long, sterile swabs are used. A swab that resembles a long Q-tip helps collect the samples from the throat and nose.

  • Throat Sample: Oropharyngeal is in the middle of the throat just after the mouth. Staff sends the sample taken from here to the lab for RT-PCR tests. Alternatively, we can use saliva spit into a tube, but it is not a reliable option.
  • Nasal Sample: There are three types of nasal samples based on the position from where the professional collects the sample. Anterior Nares, Mid-turbinate or Nasopharyngeal. The last is the best position to take samples for an accurate RT-PCR test.
  • Blood samples: The medical team may collect your blood sample for antibody tests. It depends on what type of antibody test you choose. Some tests require blood from the vein, and some tests accept blood from the finger stick. Medical Care For You PC suggests the more reliable IgG test.

Only a skilled professional can collect the samples correctly. The patient shouldn’t feel uneasy, and at the same time, the lab technician also needs an adequate quantity of specimens to carry on the laboratory test. Call us at 347-277-4001 and book a Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island now.

Will The Technicians Come Home To Take Samples?

YES. You need not travel. Book an appointment, and the number to dial is 347-277-4001. Sit in the comforts of your home and wait for our technicians to arrive. Our staff will communicate about the time and the steps you have to take. Wear a mask and wait for us. Our technicians in the PPE kit will collect nasal and throat samples from you. Don’t be scared of the long swabs; it is easy if you don’t move in fear. The samples are then packed in a container and transported to the testing center.

Is There An Approved COVID-19 Test That Uses Fingerstick Blood Sample?

Yes, some centers accept Fingerstick blood samples for serology tests. But experts prefer blood from the veins. Michigan university says that the fingerstick sample is as effective as other serology tests. FDA now approves fingerstick samples, but the condition is that we should do the test in hospitals or care centers under the supervision of a well-qualified physician.
PCR Covid Test Vs Rapid Test: Which one will you choose between the two viral diagnostic tests – PCR Covid Test vs Rapid test? The rapid antigen test gives you immediate results, and it can only detect the virus if the viral load is high. False negatives can have dangerous consequences. And similarly, false positives create a fearful situation. CDC says it’s mandatory to go for a PCR test if you test positive in a rapid antigen test. Therefore experts recommend going for a PCR test if you have symptoms. If it’s an emergency and you need quick results, go for a rapid test. And people who work in high-risk places can take rapid tests frequently as a precautionary measure.

Why Is It Safe To Go For PCR Covid Test?

You already know that the Covid-19 PCR testing specificity and sensitivity rates are very close to perfection, so it’s one of the best tests for covid. Moreover, even if you test positive on a rapid test, it is compulsory to take the RT-PCR test. If so, why waste money on two tests while both diagnose the same virus. Moreover, the covid 19 PCR testing false negative rates are so low and reliable as it can even determine a small amount of virus present in the body. The only disadvantage is that sometimes it comes positive days after the infection, which hinders travel though the person is not contagious anymore. But the rapid tests can miss diagnosing the disease in the initial days, which can have grave consequences, so experts always recommend PCR test as the safer one. Above all, the Covid 19 PCR testing accuracy rates are excellent as it can sense even a mild presence of the virus, which helps us pick the illness and start treatment earlier.

FAQs for Your Convenience!

How Much Does A Covid-19 Test Cost?

Covid tests cost anywhere between $150 to $400 in New York City. Rapid tests cost less compared to RT-PCR tests. Recently Americans have been entitled to get free covid diagnostic tests. The insurance company pays for even at-home covid tests. It's a good move by the government and society, and medical professionals appreciate it. From January 15, 2022, even private insurance coverage agencies approve the covid tests that the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes. So, you can call Medical Care For You PC anytime to book our Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island.

How Are People Tested For Covid 19?

There are three types of covid 19 tests available at Medical Care For You PC. Of which two tests detect the virus that causes covid 19. In both tests, the technician uses nasal and throat samples. In an RT-PCR test, the staff sends the samples to the lab. The technician does a set of processes to determine the presence of the virus. It takes more than a day to provide results. At the same time, rapid tests give quick results but fail to detect the virus when the viral load is low. If you want to know what is RT-PCR test, scroll above to learn more.

What Is A Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test?

Rapid Test is a quick test available over the counter in all parts of America. It gives accurate and fast results when the viral load is high. Drop the samples in the tube provided with the kit. If the sample has an antigen, it binds to the antibodies present in the plastic tube, and once it happens, it sends the signal as positive. If not, the test kit displays negative and takes just thirty minutes to provide the results.

What Are Some Of The Diagnostic Tests For Covid 19?

Rapid antigen test and RT-PCR are the diagnostic tests for covid-19. The covid 19 PCR testing accuracy results are high, and it's the gold standard for covid tests. Rapid tests are handy for quick screening. But as per CDC guidelines, if a rapid test turns positive, you must take the PCR test to confirm the results. So rapid covid-19 PCR testing is the king of all diagnostic tests available to detect the virus Sars-Cov-2.

How Long To Wait To Get Tested After Covid-19 Exposure?

Once you develop symptoms, it's good to go for an RT-PCR covid test. Generally, it takes around two to fourteen days for the virus to show signs after exposure. If you don't have any symptoms, you need to verify the presence of the virus; some prefer rapid tests. But the irony is you may not test positive for covid in a rapid test, though you are infected. But if you need to confirm it, you can go for two rapid tests with a gap of five days in-between. If both tests come negative, you are covid-negative; but if either one test comes positive, you should confirm it with a CDC covid 19 PCR testing.

My grand-uncle visited me on Staten Island. Though he had a pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing, during his quarantine period, he developed symptoms. We were in shock as we didn’t know what to do. I remembered Medical Care For You PC and dialed them to ask if they could come home and take samples for PCR testing. In a few hours, the team arrived, and the entire process went on smoothly. I am pleased they have introduced Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island. It’s very much helpful at times of emergency.
Simon Andrew
I tested positive for covid, and my wife and kids also had mild symptoms. We contacted the medical team of Medical Care For You PC. They were so friendly with the kids who looked scared to go for a swab test. The experience wasn’t painful, and luckily the kids tested negative. Moreover, the team also has doctors whom we can consult for further treatment, and they will deliver all drugs to your doorstep. They didn’t charge us much. It was better than the drive-thru testing center where I went for the PCR testing. The results were quick, and the after-support was so good.
Richard Godson
I am a social worker, and I saw the Medical Care For You PC team arrive to test a bedridden granny in my neighborhood. I was witnessing their quality services and felt impressed by their timely work. I wondered how will the granny travel to a testing center if not for this Covid-19 testing in Staten Island. She had tested positive in a self-test kit, so the family booked for a PCR testing. After that, whenever I hear about any bedridden or homebound people with symptoms, I immediately recommend their service.
Kane Renault