Covid-19 PCR Testing In Bronx

When, Why, And How To Book Covid-19 PCR Testing In Bronx

We have good news for Bronxites. Medical Care For You PC brings the Covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx to doorsteps, especially for homebound patients and people who can’t travel. It doesn’t mean others cannot book a covid test at home. Every human being is eligible to do it. If you are abroad or out of the station and someone in your family has symptoms, you can call us and book a Covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx. You may have heard about our quality medical services to the people of Bronx. We have well-qualified professionals who work round the clock to provide the best medical care to Bronxites. Moreover, we ensure that the staff doesn’t have to overwork and no one takes away their freedom.

Are Covid-19 Tests Necessary?

Many Americans feel that the pandemic scare is nothing serious and is here to build a shock so that the pharmacy industry will grow up. The Sars-Cov-2 virus has got many variants already like delta, omicron, and deltacron. WHO warns that more variants are to come, and we cannot expect all variants to be mild. So, it’s good to protect ourselves by wearing a mask and washing hands often. Beyond that, respiratory hygiene is a must. When you get symptoms, and the fever or body pain doesn’t go away with paracetamol, it’s better to take a covid 19 test. It is indeed very much the need of the hour to prevent the spread of new variants and save people’s lives.

Governments worldwide insist on pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing whenever a new variant or a new wave comes. Once the situation comes under control, everything goes back to the same old routine, and it will be the new normal for some days to come. Herd immunity through vaccination and prior covid infection is helping a bit. Experts have different views; some say the variants may get severe; some say people will become resistant, and the virus will remain with us as a different form of the common cold. Whatever it is, until now, the pandemic and the covid 19 virus are still troubling American citizens. Many of them go for in-store covid-19 PCR testing service as they feel safer, but we think to travel in crowded public places is always a risky option. At-home covid tests are the best as of now.

How To Book A Covid-19 PCR Testing In Bronx:

Do you experience symptoms? Or do you need an antibody test? Medical Care For You PC provides three types of Covid-19 testing: IgG Serum Antibody test, rapid test, Covid-19 PCR testing. Of all the antibodies tests available globally, IgG is more reliable. The rapid test gives correct and quick results when there is a high viral load. CDC covid 19 PCR testing is highly accurate and reliable than every other viral diagnostic test available in America. Now, how shall you book Covid-19 Testing in Bronx? It’s pretty simple. Dial 347-277-4001 anytime when you need a test at home. We are concerned about homebound, and our staff is skilled in handling all types of patients, even people with mental disorders. We hear you all year round, and you can also contact Medical Care For You PC through our Contact Us Page. If you are still hesitant, read further about the different types of covid testing services and how to choose the right one.

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Points To Consider Before Choosing PCR Covid Testing?

There is a lot of information about covid testing. You need to know which test is reliable, when to go for it, and how to avoid scams. If you have no time and want quick results, you can choose rapid Covid-19 PCR testing. Oh, sorry, that’s a piece of wrong information and never fall for it when someone says you so. Always go far CDC covid 19 PCR testing, as it gives you more accurate results. Experts recommend it as a reliable testing method for the Sars-Cov-2 virus. The surveys and research studies say that the covid 19 PCR testing false negative rate is low, whereas other techniques are less reliable. PCR testing works even when the viral load is very low. If you need quick results and have symptoms, go for rapid tests. The rapid tests are reliable when the Sars-Cov-2 viral load is high.

CDC Covid 19 PCR Testing
PCR Covid test vs Rapid test? Which one to choose? Experts suggest a PCR test as even if it comes positive after a rapid test, as per CDC guidelines, it’s a must to go for a PCR test. The next category of people is with the question ‘Are there any same day results covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ The reality is PCR testing requires more than twenty-four hours, so when someone lures you with the same-day results tag, kindly don’t fall for it. Please check out the expert’s view on how long for PCR Covid test results for better understanding. The other category in trouble is the one with the query ‘Is there any free covid 19 testing near me?’ In research articles, magazines and newspapers, you may have read about the high Covid-19 PCR testing sensitivity and specificity rates. CDC highly recommends PCR testing for individuals. The Covid 19 PCR testing accuracy rates are higher, but it can lead to false-negative results when the team doesn’t follow the procedures correctly. So, always go for a reliable covid-19 testing facility.

Let us speak of the people who ask, ‘Are there any drive-thru testing near me?’ If you are looking for pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing, it may be fine. But forcing a sick person to travel and making them wait for long hours isn’t good. Another reason to avoid drive-through testing is that we are at higher risk when traveling out of our home, especially when the covid wave peaks. Moreover, we need a private vehicle to go for drive-through testing. When the weather is harsh, driving out and waiting for a test isn’t conducible. In all ways and situations, at-home sample collection by the Medical Care For You staff is 100% safe. Call us at 347-277-4001 and book covid-19 testing in Bronx today.

Covid-19 Testing In Bronx For Homebound Patients And Lonely People:

The invisible population of America who lives in the home never comes out unless it’s an emergency medical need. Homebound people include patients with serious ailments, people with congenital disabilities, senior citizens, mental disorders, people with down syndrome, bed-ridden patients, people on wheelchairs, etc. Their interaction with society is low, and so are their immunity levels. Have you ever wondered what they will do when they need a covid 19 PCR testing? Medical Care For You PC brings covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx, keeping in mind the dire needs of this invisible population of America.
Many people are single, divorced and some have a family away from their hometown. As per a recent survey, 1017 million people remain unmarried over 18 in the United States. Nuclear families’ isolated homes increase the risk of people being caught alone during covid. They may not have someone to accompany them to the hospital or a testing center. The count of senior citizens is also increasing due to advancements in the medical field. Prolonged life makes people lonely as their kids leave them once they reach 18 years or after they become independent. Not everyone has the privilege to visit their parents or grandparents often. Keeping in mind people who need at-home sample collection, our team has a well-devised plan to handle their covid 19 test requests in Bronx.

Types Of Covid-19 Testing In Bronx:

As mentioned above, Medical Care For You PC provides three types of covid testing in Bronx. One is the IgG antibody test, and the other two are diagnostic tests. If someone asks you, ‘Is there any covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ you can boldly give the number 347-277-4001 and ask them to contact Medical Care For You PC. We come to your home to make things easy for you and your loved ones.

  • Serum Antibody Test: Does your immunization work? Is there a way to know about it? How do you comprehend if you were asymptomatic and had covid earlier? Is there a way to know about our immune response after a covid-19 infection? The answer to all these questions is yes. We provide IgG serum antibody blood tests. It is more accurate and reliable.
  • Rapid Test: Antigen tests are best when you need quick results. You may have symptoms, and you cannot wait for covid 19 PCR testing to start the treatment. In such cases, the antigen test is of great help. It also comes in handy when you work in high-risk places and so you have to test frequently as a precautionary measure.
  • PCR Covid-19 Test: The world relies on PCR tests for authentic results. The full form of RT-PCR covid test is complex; it is a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. Have you wondered why experts recommend PCR tests? It is foremost because PCR Covid test accuracy rates are high.

Many clients have already reaped the benefits of our at-home sample collection. Covid 19 PCR false negative rates are very low, so it is a highly reliable test for covid. We also have got requests for Covid-19 testing for emirates passengers. Our service’s most significant benefit is that we come to your place wherever you are. We come to your office, hospice care, a place where you temporarily reside, etc. One of our valued customers said that our services are equal in quality to covid 19 PCR testing Boots. It was a happy moment for the entire team.

How Long Does It Take For The Body To Produce Antibodies Against COVID-19?

The numbers are from an average of the data collected. Each person’s immune system responds to the virus differently. Some may develop antibodies earlier, and some may take time. Immunization experts say it takes approximately one to two weeks for antibodies to build either after vaccination or covid infection. After nine months, most people start to see a decrease in antibodies in their bloodstream. It’s why experts recommend people to take a booster after nine months.

What Are The Adverse Results Of A False Negative COVID-19 Test?

The PCR Covid test accuracy is high, but that doesn’t mean the test gives you accurate results. It’s a significant drawback of the PCR test. Though false-negative reports are rare, the consequences of covid false-negative information are perilous. Even if you test negative and still have symptoms, stay safe until your health restores. Here we give you why you should take the false negatives seriously.

  • No Treatment: Sometimes, the person with Covid gets no treatment when the test results provide a false negative. Patient themselves feels relieved and never opts for any further treatment. They go for home remedies for the symptoms they have. At times, the illness may get worse, and hospitalization becomes unavoidable.
  • Wrong Treatment: The other worst consequence a patient can face is that when he receives a false-negative report, the doctor looks for other means of treatment. Some medicines can trigger the illness to increase, so it can prove fatal. When the symptoms refuse to subside, the physician may even give higher doses of harmful drugs.
  • Increase Severity: If the patient doesn’t get proper treatment, the minor cold can get severe and result in pneumonia. Some even need ventilators and oxygen to survive. The doctor then often prescribes another covid test and then starts treatment again, before which the viral load may have mainly increased
  • Death: Low oxygen and breathlessness can even kill people. The severity of cough and cold, and muscle pain is never easy. When a patient is vaccinated and has no comorbidities, death due to Sars-Cov-2 is minimal. Even then, missing to identify the virus and careless treatments can increase its chances of affecting other body organs.
  • Increased Spread: Imagine a person with symptoms gets a false negative. He visits friends and family, goes to work, and travels to public places. It’s even more dangerous if they do a job where they have to meet many people like teaching, the medical profession, orator, airport staff, etc. A covid false negative report may increase the spread.

The consequences of PCR false negative reports are serious, but it’s a rare scenario if you book covid testing with quality medical professionals like Medical Care For You PC. To know more about it, you should know how is Covid 19 PCR testing done in the Bronx? Please scroll down and check our FAQS to get more ideas.

How Reliable Is The Test For COVID-19?

Many of them ask how accurate is covid-19 PCR testing. The specificity of covid 19 PCR testing is 98.9% which means the test can identify the virus perfectly at a higher rate of almost 99%. To know about covid 19 PCR testing false negative reports, you have to know about what is RT-PCR test. The first step in the test involves collecting nasal and throat samples from the patient. The team uses long swabs to take the samples. Most people are scared when a paramedical staff inserts a swab inside their nostrils. Only a skilled professional can take the sample properly; if not, the quality of the sample may be of low standards. The samples collected may not be adequate for the test.

PCR Covid Test Accuracy
Whatever it is, we don’t have any other reliable test that is more accurate than the PCR test. But the good news is these problems don’t come when quality professionals take samples, and the samples are sent to the testing center on time, safely. So, you can trust Medical Care For You PC and call us now to book an appointment for Covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx. Save the number 347-277-4001.

Should I Get The COVID-19 Antibody Test After Vaccine?

Antibodies develop after ten to fourteen days. A serology test helps determine if the blood has IgG proteins. As of now, it’s not compulsory to go for an antibody test after immunization. But people can take the antibody test to know how their immune system reacts to the vaccination. Antibody tests help us determine who has immunity and is prone to virus attacks. It is also necessary to know if the person is eligible to donate plasma to treat other covid patients in America. If someone has had symptoms but the time has passed, and the symptoms are gone, there may come a need to know if the person had Covid. In such cases, the antibody test is of great help.

Steps To Follow If Tested Positive For Covid-19:

Once you test positive for Covid 19, the first step is to isolate yourself and consult a doctor to know what you should do next. Call 347-277-4001 to book our house calls doctors. If you got positive after a rapid test, immediately book a Covid-19 PCR testing In Bronx. Once it’s confirmed, follow the steps below until you test covid negative.

  • Quarantine Yourself: Isolate yourself at your home or in a private space. It’s good to avoid people once symptoms occur. Clean your room and belongings well. Sanitize the areas and products you use. And above all, inform the people around you and the ones you met so that they can go for a covid test. You can ask them to call Medical Care For You PC at 347-277-4001.
  • Check Temperature And Oxygen: Keep a notebook and periodically track your temperature and oxygen levels. Keep it handy so that you can share the details with your physician. When your oxygen levels go below 80, contact medical professionals immediately. For sudden relief, you can sleep over your stomach.
  • Consult Doctor: Periodically, stay in touch with your doctor. Note down your symptoms, mental changes, and all vital information and discuss it with your doctor. Note down the suggestions of the physician and follow them sternly. Video calls are good as your doctor can assess your health by seeing you.
  • Take Medicines: A pharmacist may deliver all your medicines to the doorstep. But it’s your responsibility to have it on time. Set the alarm or reminder to don’t miss any drug. Don’t try home remedies or any other pills without consulting your doctor if you have any new symptoms.
  • Good Diet: A immunity-rich diet helps you to recover quickly. Peanuts and mushrooms have zinc, and so are good immunity boosters. Why not pair your bread with peanut butter or mushroom gravy. Chicken soup with pepper is a good option for cough and cold. Keep yourself hydrated. Diet, treatment, and rest are a must.
  • Visit Hospital If Necessary: Once your oxygen levels go very low or your temperature goes beyond the limit and doesn’t go down, please go to the hospital as quickly as possible. Things can get ugly soon, so it is always good to stay cautious. Body fatigue and muscle pain are also a matter of concern.

These are general steps to follow when you test positive for Covid. Always follow the advice of your doctor wherever you are. Wear the mask and wash your hands no matter what. It shall protect you from the virus and save others from the virus if you are already infected. Save the number 347-277-4001 and dial us for any emergency medical need. Remember we bring medical care to home. Don’t be afraid if you stay alone; our professional medical staff is all good, and you can trust them.

Why Choose Medical Care For You PC?

Our phone lines are active all around the year. You can book Covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx. Prompt services and skilled professionals are the trademarks of Medical Care For You PC. We have good experience in bringing quality medical services to the comforts of home. Check out our other services too.

FAQs for Your Convenience!

How Much Does A Covid-19 Test Cost?

Covid tests cost anywhere between $150 to $400 in New York City. Rapid tests cost less compared to RT-PCR tests. Recently Americans have been entitled to get free covid diagnostic tests. The insurance company pays for even at-home covid tests. It's a good move by the government and society, and medical professionals appreciate it. From January 15, 2022, even private insurance coverage agencies approve the covid tests that the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes. So, you can call Medical Care For You PC anytime to book our Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island.

How Are People Tested For Covid 19?

There are three types of covid 19 tests available at Medical Care For You PC. Of which two tests detect the virus that causes covid 19. In both tests, the technician uses nasal and throat samples. In an RT-PCR test, the staff sends the samples to the lab. The technician does a set of processes to determine the presence of the virus. It takes more than a day to provide results. At the same time, rapid tests give quick results but fail to detect the virus when the viral load is low. If you want to know what is RT-PCR test, scroll above to learn more.

What Is A Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test?

Rapid Test is a quick test available over the counter in all parts of America. It gives accurate and fast results when the viral load is high. Drop the samples in the tube provided with the kit. If the sample has an antigen, it binds to the antibodies present in the plastic tube, and once it happens, it sends the signal as positive. If not, the test kit displays negative and takes just thirty minutes to provide the results.

What Are Some Of The Diagnostic Tests For Covid 19?

Rapid antigen test and RT-PCR are the diagnostic tests for covid-19. The covid 19 PCR testing accuracy results are high, and it's the gold standard for covid tests. Rapid tests are handy for quick screening. But as per CDC guidelines, if a rapid test turns positive, you must take the PCR test to confirm the results. So rapid covid-19 PCR testing is the king of all diagnostic tests available to detect the virus Sars-Cov-2.

How Long To Wait To Get Tested After Covid-19 Exposure?

Once you develop symptoms, it's good to go for an RT-PCR covid test. Generally, it takes around two to fourteen days for the virus to show signs after exposure. If you don't have any symptoms, you need to verify the presence of the virus; some prefer rapid tests. But the irony is you may not test positive for covid in a rapid test, though you are infected. But if you need to confirm it, you can go for two rapid tests with a gap of five days in-between. If both tests come negative, you are covid-negative; but if either one test comes positive, you should confirm it with a CDC covid 19 PCR testing.
We hope we have cleared all your doubts and you have ample information about the different Covid testing available at Medical Care For You PC. Ours is a rapidly growing medical care with all modern amenities. We keep reevaluating our services and improving them to meet the growing needs of society. The team provides services all over Newyork and is known for its prompt and quick actions. Our doctors are well-qualified and trained with no history of criminal activities. They are all ethically perfect and are the best for home-based medical care. Connect with us anytime through 347-277-4001.

I went for Christmas vacation and came back with a cold and fever along with my family. The fever and muscle pain didn’t go away with regular medicine, and our house calls doctor suspected covid 19 and advised us to go for covid-19 PCR testing in Bronx. We booked an appointment, and the team arrived in a few hours. The results came, and we all tested positive. We consulted the team of doctors through online consultation and turned negative in a week. Medical Care For You PC is the best in Bronx for covid care and testing.
Shelly Smith
After immunization, I experienced no fatigue, body pain, or fever while my other family members were sick for at least two days. I felt doubtful and wanted to check the antibodies level in my body. I contacted Medical Care For You PC, and they were on time. They helped me understand why IgG is the best and how easy the test is. After seeing the results, I felt satisfied that the immunization worked for me. After visiting public places, I also get a rapid test often as a precautionary step. Once, they helped in pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing of my entire family. Overall, their home service in a crucial situation like the pandemic is highly applaudable.
Dennis Patrick
My uncle’s family tested positive at Walgreens covid 19 PCR testing, and my ninety-one-year-old granny was with them when they visited America. The problem was she was bed-ridden and could not go to an in-store covid-19 PCR testing service or a drive-thru testing. We didn’t know a way out of it, and to our horror, she had symptoms of mild fever, and it scared us. I found Medical Care For You PC in google and booked an appointment. The team was amicable and came home at the right time, saving us from tension and fear.
Sam Newell