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The growing need for house calls in Long Island has pushed Medical Care For You PC to bring house calls home care to this highly urbanized and densely populated borough of New York. You may have all heard about Medical Care For You PC; they are trying their best to provide good medical care to every house in New York. House calls in Long Island had been their dream for a long. They have brought here advanced care house calls, and house calls pharmacy for the benefit of the people.

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We are all accustomed to traditional medical treatment. Our brain seeks a hospital only when we are ill. We don’t look for a doctor but the best hospital in the locality. The more extensive the hospital, the better the treatment thinks most people. Only a few give importance to quality treatment. When a patient is alone, cannot travel, or does not have time to visit a hospital, they keep postponing doctor consultations. But sadly, the disease never delays its improvement. When it is minor, it’s easy to treat. In the critical stage, treatment gets more challenging and sometimes impossible.

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We are not here to frighten you but to enlighten you about when to seek medical care and how. Don’t be scared of the pandemic. Our doctors are fully vaccinated, and they follow all covid protocols so that you will be safe. Don’t worry if you are alone or if your ill loved one is staying alone. We examine the background of our staff well before appointing them. They are very friendly and will not harm you. You can boldly trust our house calls pharmacy too.
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What’s new in House calls in Long Island?

  • 24 Hours Service: We are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. You can call us anytime to book house calls. Our house calls doctors will arrive at your doorstep to treat your disease. Most advanced care house calls in Long Island don’t work all day. But medical needs can arise anytime, and it’s an essential service. So, you can call us anytime. Call us now. Dial 347-277-4001
  • Covid 19 Protocols: Remote monitoring is better than in-person visits during the pandemic. But we cannot remotely monitor every medical need. We have vaccinated all our staff, adhering to covid 19 protocols. We follow government guidelines and take all precautions to protect the sick person. Our team members undergo PCR tests. We check temperature daily, and anyone with a cough or cold is isolated immediately.
  • Personalized Service: Most house calls homecare follows a strict regimen and a fixed pattern. We work differently. We talk with the client, understand their needs and free time, and adjust to their situation to make a custom plan for each client. We give importance to the comfort of the sick person and not the staff’s convenience. Moreover, we modify our treatment plan as per the client’s feedback.
  • Telemedicine Communications: Remote monitoring and medicine are trending now. Medical Care For You PC allows you to connect with the doctor anytime on a call. It’s very much helpful for follow-up treatment. And when a customer needs to clarify doubts about medicines or diet, they can call anytime instead of waiting for the next physician’s visit. Sometimes remote communication house calls to the rescue of the ill can help save lives or ease the pain.
  • Same-Day Appointment: We often have enough staff available to handle all advanced care house calls. So, we can assign house calls doctors, when you make a call—our staff answers within twenty-four hours. Many days, you will see our house calls pharmacy or doctors making house calls arrive in a few hours at your desktop. You may have to wait for one more day only at peak season.
  • Advanced Care House Calls: Senior citizens with chronic ailments need advanced care. Medicines amenities for advanced care house calls are available with us. Differently-abled people also need more attention, and they are more to illness that is not common in society. Post-surgical follow-up, accident care, and palliative care are other areas where you need specialized medical professional care.
  • House Calls Pharmacy: Our house calls doctors prescribes the best treatment, but what if they don’t give you the medicines. If so, there is no use in introducing house calls in Long Island. Most people who book doctors making house calls are often alone or cannot travel, or have a busy schedule. So, it’s pretty absurd to ask them to buy medicines offline. To save you from this trouble, we have a ‘house calls pharmacy’ so our staff will deliver all the prescribed medication on time.
  • Geriatric Care: Common sense says people who ask ‘Are there house calls near me?’ are primarily senior citizens or their families looking for doctors who do geriatric care. Caring for older people is a challenging task for nurses and doctors alike. A lot of patience and kindness is necessary for advanced care house calls. Emergencies can arise anytime, and doctors should give medicine to prevent any problems—a doctor with a long-term view best suits this role.
  • Pediatric Care: Kids are pretty troublesome when they are ill. They don’t listen to instructions and want to play. Parents get upset when they see their wards suffer. Moreover, children cannot express their problems clearly, so the doctor must interact with them before diagnosis. But house calls doctors of Medical Care For You PC has the experience to handle even the smartest kid in town.

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Which Plant Is Doctor Of Home? Why?

Indian gooseberry is almost similar to a house calls doctor. But the difference is this doctor is a berry high in Vitamin and protects from many diseases. If you take one gooseberry daily, you will stay young and lead a healthy life. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call house calls in Long Island. But definitely, this green berry has the power to reduce this visit of house calls doctors. Let’s see some of its health benefits:


  • Improves Immunity: Indian gooseberry is full of antioxidants, and no wonder it’s the best herbal immunity booster. It neutralizes the free radicals and hence saves us from many chronic diseases. When your immunity there is no need to book a house calls doctor.
  • Detoxes Blood: Gooseberry is good at increasing hemoglobin and RBC count. As a natural blood detoxifier, it finds against the micro-organisms in the blood. Hence, it’s a fantastic blood purifier. The high vitamin C helps boost overall health.
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  • Manages Blood Sugar Levels: University of Medical Maryland center says Amla is suitable for people with pancreatitis. It has more chromium which is present in most of the diabetes supplements in America. Hence when you take Amla daily, it prevents diabetes.
  • Better Digestion: Gooseberries have a high fiber content. It regulates bowel moments and treats irritable bowel moments. Once your gut is clean and healthy, it prevents many diseases like colon cancer, ulcer, etc.
  • Better Brain Health: Amla improves the blood flow in nerves, thus improving cognitive functions. It improves memory and prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s. Much advanced care house calls for senior care is for Alzheimer’s. You can avoid it with Amla.
  • Stronger Hair: People often buy hair supplements from house calls pharmacy. Gooseberry is a natural berry that strengthens hair from the roots. It prevents premature graying and thickens the hair.
  • Healthy Skin: Amla a day protects your skin from aging. The abundant Vitamin C in gooseberries gives a naturally glowing skin. Drink amla juice twice weekly to avoid wrinkles, dark spots, and skin dryness.

Gooseberries that are a little better while we eat but sweeter, in the end, have a lot of nutritional value. It prevents a lot of major diseases in our bodies. Taking amla juice, amla candy, or eating it raw or cooked helps you maintain better health as you get older. Take care of mental and physical health by following a healthy lifestyle and diet. If so, there won’t be a need to make house calls to the rescue of yourself. But still, if you feel you have to consult doctors making house calls. Call 347-277-4001

Diseases And House Calls In Long Island:

Tick-borne diseases are the most common health problem seen all over Long Island. People know how to protect themselves, yet it is not easy to escape its trap. New people entering Staten Island are easily affected by ticks as they are ignorant of the habitat in Long Island. Call us immediately for immediate medical attention at 347-277-4001

  • Lyme Disease: The bacterium Borrelia Burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii cause Lyme disease. Human beings get Lyme disease from the bite of the black-legged ticks found on deer. The infected have to take antibiotics for around four weeks. Still, some symptoms may last for six months.
  • Animal Bites: If you face an animal bite, report it to the respective county health department immediately. Call us to take treatment for the poisonous bites. Dogs and cats are the primary reasons for animal bites.
  • Rabies: The spread of rabies is typical in the US. In 2011 Long Island was declared rabies-free. In 2017 3 animals were reported to be infected, and later officials resolved it. Be careful and whenever necessary, feel free to call our house calls doctors. Getting your pets vaccinated is good.
  • Tick-Borne Diseases: It’s okay to say ticks conquer the Long Island. Apart from Lyme disease, other tick-borne infections affect humans. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Powassan Virus, and Tularemia are some ticks’ infections. Our doctors making house calls are experts in treating these infections.

Every borough has its challenges, and Medical Care For You PC provides the best medical care to the people of Long Island. They heard your voice before you did ask, ‘Are there any house calls near me?’ They have even brought house calls pharmacy to your doorstep. Make use of the beautiful opportunity and live a healthy and happy life.

Escape Ticks And Avoid House Calls In Long Island:

This section is mainly for people who are new to Long Island. You may not know ticks are a severe health threat in Long Island. We help you avoid tick-borne infections and lead a healthy life. There are standard precautions you can follow. For more information, call us at 347-277-4001 to clear your doubts. If you feel you have the symptoms call us without delay.

  • Avoid Contact: It’s better if you spend less time outside. Suppose you are going out; it’s good to stay away from high grass. Try to walk in the middle of the trail. Avoid tick-infested areas and pests. Shrubs and woody areas are dangerous.
  • Cover Yourself: Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants; it is good to have a hood or headcover. Cover yourself completely. You can wear gloves for better protection. Insert your pants into your shoes and tuck your shirt sleeves into gloves. Wear light-colored clothes.
  • Wear Good Shoes: Take care of many things while choosing shoes. Wear socks and shoes that enclose your feet thoroughly. Boots are a good choice as it prevents ticks from climbing up your legs.
  • Insect Repellent: You can use permethrin on your attire to repel the ticks. Insect repellents help a long way. Though we cover fully, we may not always be careful. Repellents ensure the ticks don’t come near you.
  • Tie Hair: Tie your hair and if possible, cover it with a scarf. Once you return home, remove all the ticks you can see with your eyes and wash your hair thoroughly. Have a quick shower, so no ticks stick to your hair or dress and later bite you.
  • Never Sit On Ground: Never sit on the bare ground when you travel or work in the garden. Avoid contact with the mud and the tiny plants in Long Island. If infected, remove the tick and save it before you call the house calls doctor to help identify Lyme disease.

Once you remove the tick, apply alcohol over the infected area and then wash the skin with soap and water. Avoid using petroleum jelly or fire to remove the tick as it only increases the infection. The skin, heart, joints, and brain are affected after the tick bite. When treated early, you will not experience any problems. Sometimes people have thinking problems, fatigue, and pain for six months, even after the antibiotic treatment.

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