Covid-19 PCR Testing In long Island

How Covid-19 PCR Testing In Long Island Works?

The world before covid thought being positive in all situations is the best way for a happy life. ‘Be positive’ is the slogan teachers, motivators, and authors spread worldwide. Then came the spread of the dreadful virus in 2019. It changed the world as it came to a standstill. Governments imposed lockdowns; medical needs rose high; makeshift hospitals came up; doctors worked without rest. The roads saw more coffins and the ambulance sirens filled the air. Tears, agony fear, gripped the fast-paced world. Long island wasn’t an exemption. Medical Care For You PC knew there was a need for covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island. There is no death of drive-thru testing centers or hospitals, but what about home-bound people. So, we made plans to bring covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island to every home. We offer rapid antigen tests, PCR tests, and serum antibody tests. Book a test by dialing the number 347-277-4001 anytime. Call us now to know more.

COVID-19 PCR Testing In Long Island- Will The Doctors Visit Home?

YES. Medical Care Fo You PC provides the best medical services in New York at the comfort of your home. Their other services include concierge services, house calls, and IV drips.Covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island is a new addition. Call347-277-4001, our staff books a covid-19 test for you. The medical team arrives at your home, collects the sample, and hands it over to the testing department. Once they get the results, they inform you through messages, mail, or phone.
If you came here with the query, ‘Are there any drive-thru testing near me?’ why don’t you try our CDC covid 19 PCR testing.

Covid-19 PCR Testing In Long Island

You need not travel anywhere or wait in queues, just book the test and stay at home. Our technicians can also come to wherever you live, like office, hospice care, etc. Insurance agencies now reimburse home collection of the throat and nasal samples and covid testing, so you need not worry about the cost. If you are asking, ‘Is it possible to have free covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ we say yes, with the help of your insurance, you can have it at your home. Isn’t it great that you need not go anywhere to get a covid test? Why not book our service today?

How To Book Covid-19 PCR Testing In Long Island?

Medical Care For You PC provides home-based primary care in and around New York City. They provide doctors, medical amenities, IV drips, immunizations, regular checkups, and medical examinations at a reasonable cost. Most medical insurance agencies in America cover home-based medical services. Covid 19 PCR testing in Long Island is here only after regular demands from our regular clients. Moreover, periodic checkup for covid prevents you from getting into serious illness. Our earlier clients know how to connect with Medical Care For You PC. This part is for new people looking forward to booking a covid 19 PCR testing in Long Island.

Medical Care For You PC is always open. As it’s available 24/7, you can call us anytime. You can also message us by clicking our Contact Us page. Drop your email id or contact number so our staff can connect with you. If you are contacting us by phone, save the number 347-277-4001. Dial us anytime and book an appointment for a covid or antibody test. It’s completely safe, and you get accurate results. Our staff wears a PPE kit, and they are all tested for covid periodically so that they won’t spread covid to you.

Book a covid-19 test, fix the time that’s convenient for you. Don’t worry if you need a covid test for a bedridden patient, senior citizen, or people with dementia – we care for every citizen. If they cannot get quality medicine, we come to them to provide the best medical facilities in America. Our mission is to keep giving our best irrespective of a lockdown or pandemic. You can also book a test for your loved ones living alone in Long Island. Our team can reach even the remotest areas of the island. Don’t hesitate and call now as a timely test can save you from big hospital bills.

Who Are The Beneficiaries Of COVID-19 PCR Testing In Long Island?

Are you someone who came here with the query, ‘ Is there any covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ Do you know that we provide at-home sample collection for covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island? It’s easy; you have to dial 347-277-4001 and book a covid test or antibody test. We are open anytime, and once we receive your call, we fix the time, and our medical professional will be at your home promptly. We provide same-day appointments as covid tests are very important and need quick attention.

  • Bedridden Patients: Many chronic ailments like cancer, severe osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke, paralysis, kidney, liver problems, etc., make the patient bedridden for years.
Beneficiaries Of Home Covid 19 PCR Testing
    They cannot travel like ordinary people. Drive-thru testing is instead an expensive and challenging option for them. Rapid covid-19 PCR testing at the comforts of their bed is a big boon to them.

  • Congenital Disabilities: Inherited medical problems that come with them through birth are sometimes incurable. It can range from speech problems, brain problems, heart problems, mobility problems, vision problems, etc. They don’t visit hospitals often and are always in the care of someone at their home. It’s their comfortable place, so we take the facilities of in-store covid-19 PCR testing service to their living area.
  • Down Syndrome: Autism is prevalent in America. One in sixty-eight children in America has down syndrome. Life for them is getting better with new therapies and training. But still, their tantrums in crowded places are hard to handle. The environment is not yet conducive for them to come out. We are happy to take covid-19 PCR testing to their home.
  • Mental Disorders:Many mental health issues make the patients unable to travel. Alzheimer’s and dementia in old age people make it even more challenging for the caretakers. People may lose their way to their homes, so the family is scared to take them to an in-store covid-19 PCR testing service. But if they met a person with covid recently, it’s a must to provide special covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island, and we do that.
  • Staying Alone: America will see a sharp rise in people staying alone in the coming years. Many youngsters have lost interest in marriage and live away from their immediate family. They may not have someone to accompany them for a covid test. Most of them are reluctant to visit clinics, and Medical Care For You PC helps them take medical services to their doorstep.
  • Lockdown: When covid patients increase in an area, the government issues restrictions and sometimes opts for partial or complete lockdown. Even if hospital visits aren’t prohibited, people are scared to visit the testing centers at that time. We ease your apprehensions by visiting your home for a PCR test. Are you looking for a free covid 19 PCR testing near me? Why not try ours. Insurance agencies now reimburse home collection of samples for covid test.
  • Remote Areas:People living in remote areas with no reliable testing centers nearby can call us. We understand it’s tough to drive long-distance while you are sick. Our well-trained medical professionals can come to your home. We also offer covid 19 testing for emirates passengers. We provide tests before and after travel; just connect with us through347-277-4001.
  • Severe Symptoms: Body pain and high fever are common symptoms of covid-19. It makes a person weak, and breathlessness is another danger associated with the terrific flu-like illness. Can you expect the patient to travel in such a precarious situation? Better call us and book a covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island.
  • No Private Vehicle: Drive-thru testing requires a vehicle, and you cannot book a cab when you have symptoms. It’s not apt to increase the chances of virus spread. Even if you have a vehicle, it’s not always possible to ride yourself when sick. Inviting a friend or a neighbor to drive is also not encouraged. It’s better to book out an at-home sample collection for covid testing.
  • Frequent Travel: We hear people asking, ‘Are there any covid 19 PCR testing for travel near me?’ Every time a new variant enters, the voice gets louder. Travel preparations aren’t easy, and it’s stressful to go around looking for PCR testing waiting in queues for testing and results. We provide PCR testing for passengers, and you can call us anytime.
  • Work From Home: Pandemic has shifted office to home. Work from home gives people the freedom to stay in the comforts of the house and continue their office work. The downside is they have less time to venture out unless they are good at time management. If you need covid tests, call us and carry on your work. You need to ask for leave. We will come home to collect samples without disturbing your work time.
  • High-Risk Work: Some jobs involve meeting many people. Airport staff and small businesses in tourist places meet many new people who can be carriers of the virus. Health workers, medical professionals, celebrities, politicians, police forces, essential workers in major factories are some people who are at risk of contracting the Sars-Cov-2 virus. It’s good for them to opt for a periodical rapid test. Remember our team will come to the place wherever you are.
  • Hospice Care: People living at hospice care are at a higher risk of getting infected by the virus. Loved ones are desperate to know their well-being. If they need a covid-19 PCR test, you can call us at 347-277-4001. Our doctors can also visit and treat them for particular medical conditions or provide a general checkup.

Are you wondering how accurate is covid-19 PCR testing? We provide quality covid 19 testing like the Walgreens covid 19 PCR testing. The only difference is we come to your home and collect samples for the test. Our staff is quick, well organized and active that they provide the results as fast as possible. It will take somewhere between twenty-four to seventy-two hours for the reports to reach you. There is nothing to worry; the staff at Medical Care For You PC are well-trained and experienced; they make no errors as they know well about the seriousness of the situation.

How reliable is the test for COVID-19?

The Covid 19 PCR testing sensitivity and specificity rates approach hundred. The specificity of covid 19 PCR testing is how correctly it identifies the presence or absence of the virus. From the data available, it’s evident that the Covid 19 PCR testing accuracy rates are pretty reliable than any other viral diagnostic test for covid available in the world. If you are from Long Island and you have come with the query ‘Is there any covid 19 PCR testing near me?’ then dial 347-277-4001 to book our covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island.

Why Should You Get Tested When You Have Symptoms?

Symptomatic patients can quickly spread the virus if they go out. Even if they stay at home, it’s better to check for covid to get proper treatment if tested positive. It’s better to be cautious initially rather than worry later. Once symptoms occur, immediately call us at 347-277-4001 and book a Covid-19 PCT testing in Long Island. Stay at home until the results arrive. Take preventive medicines and eat an immunity-rich diet so that your body will heal and recover.

Should A Person Go For Covid-19 PCR Test After Close Contact With Symptomatic Patient?

If you were closer than six feet and spent more than fifteen minutes with the symptomatic patient, it’s better to go for a covid test. It takes two to fourteen days to develop symptoms; if you experience any symptoms, call the doctor immediately and get a covid test. It’s better to go for a rapid covid-19 PCR testing rather than a quick antigen test because PCR tests can detect Sars-Cov-2 even if the viral load is very meager. Once you know for sure that you haven’t got the infection, you can go out without fear.

Why Is Covid-19 PCR Testing The Best?

The specificity of covid 19 PCR testing is 98.7%, making it the best and most reliable covid test. Do you know that the rt-PCR covid test full form is reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction? The test finds the virus’s genetic material in the sample; if present, it means the person is covid positive. The PCR test can detect even mild traces of the virus in your upper respiratory specimen. Covid 19 PCR testing false negatives are very low, so it emerges as the most accurate test for the coronavirus.

What Is The Procedure For Pre-flight COVID-19 Testing?

Many countries have relaxed the pre-flight covid-19 PCR testing norms, but we are not sure when the alarms will rise again. Here we try to list out the steps for pre-flight testing. You should check the country you are traveling to as many countries has different regulations regarding covid-19. Here in the United States, they want you to get a covid-19 viral test just one day before your travel. The rules are up for both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. If you had an infection in the past ninety days, you could use your covid positive certificate and a letter from a physician for travel to the United States.

Do We Have Same Day Results COVID-19 Testing?

No. If you need quick results and have symptoms, you cannot go for rapid covid-19 PCR testing as the test takes more than a day to give you an exact outcome. But don’t lose your heart. We have a rapid antigen test that gives you speedy results in this scenario. You can dial 347-277-4001 to book a rapid antigen test now. But remember, once tested positive in an antigen test, you must go for an RT-PCR test as per the CDC guidelines. To understand why PCR test takes time, you should know how is covid 19 PCR testing done. Keep reading to learn the details.

Same Day Results Covid 19 PCR Testing Near Me

COVID-19 PCR Testing Sensitivity And Specificity:

The specificity of Covid 19 PCR testing is between ninety-five and hundred, which means the false-negative rates are low. Many experts worldwide already talk about the adverse consequences of a false-negative report. If a covid infected person gets a negative report, there is a high possibility he will go out and accidentally many people in the society. It’s a highly contagious virus, and the new variants are even more problematic. Another major problem of a false negative result is the doctor may look for other treatments, and the patients’ health may deteriorate and even lead to a critical stage. PCR test is more reliable, and false negatives are very rare.

How Long For PCR COVID Results:

Generally, covid test results take more than a day to give you results. Medical Care For You PC puts all their efforts and resources to add quality and swiftness in providing you the results before time. If you are hunting the internet to get same day results covid 19 PCR testing near me, call us at 347-277-4001. The long delay in getting the samples to the lab is the leading cause of delay in most testing centers. Our team plans it well so that you get results quickly. We understand the situation and the PCR covid test accuracy rates depend on how well the sample is collected and preserved on the way to the lab. So instead of asking how long for PCR covid test results, book a rapid covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island now.

FAQs for Your Convenience!

How Much Does A Covid-19 Test Cost?

Covid tests cost anywhere between $150 to $400 in New York City. Rapid tests cost less compared to RT-PCR tests. Recently Americans have been entitled to get free covid diagnostic tests. The insurance company pays for even at-home covid tests. It's a good move by the government and society, and medical professionals appreciate it. From January 15, 2022, even private insurance coverage agencies approve the covid tests that the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes. So, you can call Medical Care For You PC anytime to book our Covid-19 PCR testing in Staten Island.

How Are People Tested For Covid 19?

There are three types of covid 19 tests available at Medical Care For You PC. Of which two tests detect the virus that causes covid 19. In both tests, the technician uses nasal and throat samples. In an RT-PCR test, the staff sends the samples to the lab. The technician does a set of processes to determine the presence of the virus. It takes more than a day to provide results. At the same time, rapid tests give quick results but fail to detect the virus when the viral load is low. If you want to know what is RT-PCR test, scroll above to learn more.

What Is A Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test?

Rapid Test is a quick test available over the counter in all parts of America. It gives accurate and fast results when the viral load is high. Drop the samples in the tube provided with the kit. If the sample has an antigen, it binds to the antibodies present in the plastic tube, and once it happens, it sends the signal as positive. If not, the test kit displays negative and takes just thirty minutes to provide the results.

What Are Some Of The Diagnostic Tests For Covid 19?

Rapid antigen test and RT-PCR are the diagnostic tests for covid-19. The covid 19 PCR testing accuracy results are high, and it's the gold standard for covid tests. Rapid tests are handy for quick screening. But as per CDC guidelines, if a rapid test turns positive, you must take the PCR test to confirm the results. So rapid covid-19 PCR testing is the king of all diagnostic tests available to detect the virus Sars-Cov-2.

How Long To Wait To Get Tested After Covid-19 Exposure?

Once you develop symptoms, it's good to go for an RT-PCR covid test. Generally, it takes around two to fourteen days for the virus to show signs after exposure. If you don't have any symptoms, you need to verify the presence of the virus; some prefer rapid tests. But the irony is you may not test positive for covid in a rapid test, though you are infected. But if you need to confirm it, you can go for two rapid tests with a gap of five days in-between. If both tests come negative, you are covid-negative; but if either one test comes positive, you should confirm it with a CDC covid 19 PCR testing.

Covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island is of great help for people like me. I have been here in Long Island for the past five years as my job demands it. My family stays in a different place, so I was alone here with no one to care for when I got covid. I could not return to my hometown, and my family couldn’t come here during the lockdown. Luckily Medical Care For You PC helped me overcome the difficult situation. They have a friendly team who are very sincere and provide the best quality medical service.
Sheldon Carmel
My colleagues in the UK got positive results in covid 19 PCR testing boots just two days after I flew from there. It wasn’t peak season, yet I was grappling with fear. I got a mild fever in four days and was scared to hell. A cousin recommended Medical Care For You PC, and I called them immediately. After talking to the medical team, I felt better. They explained to me the difference between PCR covid test vs rapid test. Meanwhile, I tried a self-test, and it came positive. Since I booked the PCR test at the right time, the treatment was excellent, and my infection cleared in a week.
Glory Kingston
I didn’t know anything about PCR covid test accuracy rates. When I had a fever, body ache, and cold, I booked a covid-19 PCR testing in Long Island. The staff immediately arranged for a test and prepared my mind well to face the results. They also explained covid 19 PCR testing false negative reports and said that Medical Care For You PC is more reliable. My mind was calm and clear when I took the tests, without fear or doubts. Gladly the reports came negative and made me happier.
Rachel Raymond