Medical Care For You PC wants to bring the best medical care to Bronx community. Well qualified doctors, open twenty-four hours, prompt service are our specialties. You need not compromise on convenience and privacy; we assure to give you the best experience with house calls in Bronx. We felt, apart from concierge services and covid 19 testing, the house calls in Bronx was much necessary for people who often come with the query ‘Are there house calls near me?’

House calls doctors are available in Bronx. They treat kids and adults, so please feel free to contact us for advanced care house calls, whatever the medical need. Our physicians will arrive in no time at your doorstep. They also treat patients in hospice care whenever they need specialized medical care. Sometimes in emergencies, people make house calls to the rescue of neighbors and friends. Most insurance companies pay the house calls, so you need not worry about the fees.



You always walked to the doctor’s office to consult with a doctor. But with the advent of House calls in Bronx, the doctor’s office walks to your doorstep to provide medical care. You call the doctor and place a request for service. The house calls doctor visits your home, examines you, and prescribes medicines. You pay for the service, and the house calls pharmacy delivers the prescribed medication to your doorstep. Advanced care house calls in America takes care of severe ailments of older people, adults, and kids.


Home-bound patients need good treatment and care. Most of them have chronic ailments; some are differently-abled, some have mobility or vision problems; elderly patients, people who are alone cannot travel long distances to meet a doctor. People could not go to hospitals during the lockdown to get their regular checkups done. The pandemic has scared people much, and immune-compromised people cannot go to crowded public places like hospitals. Moreover, hospitals can quickly become a hub for spreading infectious diseases. Advanced care house calls In Bronx are a solution to all these problems. Call house calls by dialing the number 347-277-4001
Advanced care house calls in Bronx


Medical care varies from a checkup for a fever to managing serious ailments and incurable diseases like Diabetes. House calls doctors to attend to all requests and prescribe medicines or further tests are available. They also ensure the patient undergoes other checkups and treatment until they are disease-free. Advanced care house calls take care of even Alzheimer’s and cancer patients. Here we give you some of the standard requests for house calls in Bronx:

  • General Checkup
  • Immunizations
  • Blood work
  • Chronic Disease Supportive Medical Care
  • Palliative Care
  • Old age health checkups
  • Diagnostic Screenings
  • Physical Therapy
  • Routine Checkup
  • Follow – up
  • Pediatric checkups
  • Prescribe Medicines For Health Issues


Don’t worry if your medical need is not available here. We are efficient in handling all medical needs of customers. Call us at 347-277-4001 today and book doctors making house calls. Get the best medical care in Bronx at the comfort of your domicile. House calls home care is the future, and don’t miss out on the experience.


People of the middle twentieth century are skeptical about house calls. They are afraid the quality of medical care will reduce. Some even question the need for house calls in Bronx. For them going to the hospital is the proper way. But in reality, times have changed; there is a significant need for more doctors making house calls. Let’s see why:

  • Home Bound Patients: Doctors provide high-quality medical care in house calls. But the advantage is the invisible population of the world who rest at their home gets timely and quality health care. Many patients in emergency care are people who belong to this category. They don’t get proper Medical care as bringing them to hospitals is cumbersome. The families take them out for treatment only when they are in a severe condition. House calls in Bronx put an end to it.
  • Old-aged People: House calls home care also helps the senior population get better health care. Studies say we will see an increase in older people in the coming years; the sad side is they don’t have proper support. They are often alone; even if they had kids, they are not in touch. When they are old or have a chronic illness, these lonely people often miss out on follow-ups. It’s disheartening to say some even day unnoticed in their home. They don’t even get proper nutrition. House calls in Bronx are the answer.
  • Special Kids: Nowadays, kids with special needs are on the rise. Kids with autism are hard to manage; the crowd can make them grow crazy. Judgmental looks and criticism from the neighborhood and public also restrict them indoors. Their immune system is weak; parents wish to provide them with physical therapies and better life. Taking them to hospitals is a nightmare for those special parents. House calls home care is a boon for those special kids.
  • Pandemic: The coronavirus has changed the world. Many have lost jobs. Work from home has added more pressure and stress. Going out is unsafe, and many don’t even have time as office calls can come in at any second. The importance of vaccinations is gaining attention. Humans are now more concerned about their physical health and mental wellbeing. We have house calls doctors to help you ease your stress and maintain your health. You can invite doctors making house calls for checkups without taking a break from your online work. Dial us at 347-277-4001

These are just a few essential needs that compel Medical Care For You to introduce house calls in Bronx. Both doctors and customers experience satisfaction from house calls home care. As insurance companies cover it, there is no worry about the medical bills. Let no soul in Bronx suffer without medical care; we shall care everyone as much as we can.


House calls home care deteriorated when technology advanced. Doctors had to rely on x-rays and scans, which gave birth to multi-specialty hospitals. Lifesaving equipment like ventilators, ICU, incubator, oxygen support, dialysis all made hospitals a safe place. Moreover, doctors felt they could treat many more patients when they reduced the traveling time. The group of people left out was home-bound patients. They are cared for by friends and families who know little about medicines.

Moreover, hospitals became a money-making business in the longer run. Doctors added luxuries to hospital rooms, and the bills kept increasing. But the extra amenities never equaled the comfort of their home. Long-term stays at hospitals and follow-up checkups made the patients tiresome. Many of them avoided the follow-ups, and later, it ended up in severe complications. House calls home care system solves these problems. But doctors stopped house calls and shifted all their job to hospitals. It was easier for them, but many patients got into trouble.

House calls in Bronx

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The doctors making house calls revives an age-old tradition again. For so long, a section of our society didn’t get good medical care because they could not visit hospitals. Apart from these people, ordinary people find house calls in Bronx a good practice. People get more time to interact with the doctor, enabling a good bond filled with trust. They take the medicines as given by someone from their family. Studies say people often don’t take all the prescribed drugs, fearing the side effect. That’s not the case with house calls doctors.

The long queues in big hospitals turn off many people. When they get a minor ailment, they decide not to visit the hospital. The patients don’t want to travel so long and are also scared of travel charges and hospital bills. So, they try to live with the minor problems and sometimes even try home remedies. Slowly the ailment starts affecting them severely; that’s when they run to the doctor. It is already late, and sometimes people even die. Young medical practitioners feel we can avoid it if doctors making house calls are more prevalent.

The growing elder population in America is also a matter of concern. Advance care house calls are necessary for them. Medical Care For You PC specially cares for its senior members. Sometimes we also receive house calls to the rescue of patients who are ill. They have to be immediately moved to the emergency room when we reach there. If only they had called House calls doctors a little early, we could have avoided this emergency. Young doctors feel House calls in Bronx can save many lives. Do you wish to join us as house calls doctors with our vibrant team? Dial us at 347-277-4001


Once you call us, our staff collects your basic details like address, name, and age; they also ask you about your need and connect you with the correct physician. The doctor arrives at your doorstep once you book the house calls home care. All doctors are punctual; they won’t make you wait even for a minute. Our doctors do a general checkup, often accompanied by weight and blood pressure checks. If needed, technicians take x-rays, sonograms, or blood work. Our doctors prescribe medicines when necessary. Advanced care house calls sometimes call for specialists. Our house calls doctors also refer to a specialized doctor if they feel more medical checkups are required.


House calls home care is the growing trend in New York. The pandemic has pushed its growth further. Extensive improvement took place in this field so that everyone has started to make house calls rather than making visits to the hospital for minor issues. Moreover, people don’t live with ailments; they immediately contact house calls doctors for even headaches.

  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Save patients’ time
  • Save patients’ money
  • Better treatment
  • Improved patient-doctor interaction
  • Improved satisfaction
  • The continuity of treatment isn’t disturbed
  • Advanced care house calls reduce bills
  • House calls pharmacy delivers your medicines

You can also make house calls to the rescue of people with incurable diseases. Our house calls doctors will prescribe medicines to manage the disease and lead a healthy life. House calls home care doctors also handle palliative care. Dial us today for quality house calls in Bronx. Don’t forget to save the number 347-277-4001


There is a common saying that doctors are next to God. People strongly trust in us that we will help you survive. We take responsibility and stay committed to our ethical service. We don’t run the house calls in Bronx to earn money but for your wellbeing. We charge a little to keep the system running. We are unique in many ways, and here we list some crucial characteristics of Medical Care For You PC that have gained customers’ appreciation.

  • Anytime appointment
  • Available 24 hours
  • Prompt Service
  • Well qualified doctors
  • The staff has no crime records
  • Fully vaccinated team
  • Frequent health checkups for staff
  • The manageable workload for staff
  • Customer feedback is important to us.
  • Full adherence to covid protocols
  • Friendly and caring medical professionals

Now you may know why house calls in Bronx are garnering more attention among the people of America. If someone near you asks, ‘Are there house calls near me,’ give them this number 347-277-4001and ask them to call us immediately. It may be a timely help, and we may save many lives. Our staff waits for your call and is willing to arrange the best service. Save the number for emergency and advanced care house calls.


Most insurance companies support house calls in Bronx. Independence at home by Medicare was for the home-bound patients in dire need of the house calls home care. Apart from this Medicare advantage plan pays for your house calls home care bills. Medicare reimburses up to $131 for a physician’s visit, but if it’s a house call, Medicare reimburses $165. It also encourages physicians to prefer house calls in Bronx as they are paid more for visits to the patient’s home.


  1. What is the house calls care program?

House Calls in Bronx is not a new program. It was common in America until the 1940s. A physician will visit the sick at home on request. The benefits of house calls are enormous as it provides quality consultation time with the doctor. The patient need not travel while he is ill, and the long queues at hospitals have come down to a large extent. There is a debate on whether it’s right to return the house calls program in America.

  1. Do doctors still make house calls in Bronx?

Yes. Nowadays, doctors are willing to do house calls. Visiting patients, interacting with the family and checking up on them if the treatment works well are possible with house calls. The doctors making house calls feel more satisfied as they treat the patients well when visiting their homes. They had less time to interact at hospitals, and they were always in a hurry. The routine of endless diagnosis and prescription like a robot tires them. Job satisfaction and more lonely people are the main reason house calls doctor is on the rise in Bronx and all over America.

  1. How can you contact House calls in Bronx?

Dial 347-277-4001 to book house calls in Bronx. Medical Care For You PC is available all time, and so you can call us anytime you need us. The need for medical care arises suddenly and often doesn’t allow you to wait. Our house calls doctors to understand it well, so they are ready to run to your home the moment you call. You can also connect with Medical Care For You PC by dropping a message on our contact us page. We can take up even advanced care house calls all year round.

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